Friday, January 5, 2007

My Tribute to Grady Nutt

This BLOG and web page is a small tribute to a man of God and a man of humor. Grady Nutt was, for me, one of the most profound and entertaining speakers/evangelists I've ever heard. His insight into the life and character of Jesus (and us) was unparalleled. He is best known for his role as "the preacher" from the 70's TV Show "Hee Haw," but that was only the tip-of-the-iceberg of his talent and insights.

His stories on the tribute page serve as a good introduction to his humor. If you like them, I hope you are able to track down a whole recording or two. I hope in some way that my Christian cartoons measure up to his insights in a visual-parable sort of way ... but no one I know put it in words as well as he did!

Rich Diesslin
Cartoonist and Illustrator

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