Friday, January 5, 2007

Grady Nutt Lives On In Spoken Word

Grady Nutt, what a comedic fellow...But listen into his stories, comedic yes, but life stories and lessons are contained in each and every one. Can you imagine Jesus using the same style and approach as Grady in preaching his great Parables or the Sermon on the Mount ?.

Grady can capture anyones attention immediately...., From his many stories, that I air on my Sunday Morning Program, many are requested such as "The Roast Is Burning", "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder", "Mrs Middleton Takes The Plunge" among others. Its because of his comedic nature that grabs my listeners attention, but I play them for the life lessons that are taught in those simple monologues. I have all of Gradys recordings captured and cleaned to CD, but long to one get a hold of the tapes made of his appearance here at the grand French Lick Springs Hotel.

I hope that one day, someone in his family will re-issue these gems to CD. Until then I treasure these slices of heaven.

Fan and Listener of Grady Nutt
Randall Hamm Gospel PD WFLQ
French Lick Indiana


Rich said...

Randall, I've posted his French Lick conference (or the one I went to anyway) on my Grady Nutt page at Let me know if you need it in some other form. Some of the quality of my old tapes from the 1972 event were pretty poor, but you can still hear most of it. Glad you still play his material on your show!

Rich said...

Oops ... make that 1977!

Anonymous said...

Randall--I had a tape of Grady Nutt and he told a story about a family having Sunday dinner. One of the girls in the family knocked over her tea. The father, in an effort to save his daughter's dignity, knocked his over too. All the family members followed suit. I am looking for a copy of that story or tape. Is there any way you could help me? Do you know the name of the tape or have a recording of that story? Or know of any way I can track it down? I am leading a Bible study and we will be talking about God as a father and I would love to have that recording to share with the women who come to the study.
Brenda Adorador
Littlerock California

Rich said...

Hey anonymous! That story is on my web site and it's the story of Albert Young. The French Lick recording I have posted has many of the stories you are looking for. Just drop by and have a listen.

Skip said...

I'm looking for the album/routine where Grady Nutt says "Bubs Mobley, the only member in the choir whose robe fit"..if you know where that is, please let me know at

Thank you very, very much!!!