Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Cartoons for September ;)


Here's what's new at for September:

1) Cartoon Gospel and OT Cartoons for the month

2) KNOTS Scouting Cartoon - watch the jellyfish!

3) Out to Lunch Cartoons - Added a series of silly wordplay on snakes (asps) and a Scuba cartoon. More to come in September!

Other things in September:

- The online version of the Cartoon Old Testament is now all there. Don't forget the ebook and kindle options.

- The Mobile Gospel, the iphone app from ROK Comics, is a nice portable way to have the Gospel handy on the road (based mostly on Luke).

- I'll be showing up at the Mid-Ohio Comic Con (my first comic con, wonder just how weird it will be) in October and doing a Trade Show in November ... hustling my books and cartoons of course !

Thanks for your continued interest in my cartoons. Hope you have a great September!

Rich [ ;-{)}